Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have official squashed their beef, but not before they dropped a lot of tea and receipts.

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On Monday (Oct 29), Nicki hosted her Queen radio show on Apple Music and once again spoke on the now infamous Harper’s Bazaar fight that left Cardi leaving with a knot on her head and no shoes, only this time Minaj alleges that it was former Remy Ma friend Rah Ali that caused the injury to Cardi, not security as originally reported.

“Rah really beat that girl’s ass bad. You walking around here lying saying security hit you and we let it ride for legal reasons but it wasn’t security it Rah. Rah beat that girl so bad that I got mad at Rah like, ‘yo, why would you do that?'”


Minaj then went on to discuss the change in lineup for “Krippy Kush”, stating that it was because of Cardi that 21 Savage did not appear on the record.

“We let so much ride. I let it ride that I met up with you in a hotel room and you told me my 21 Savage verse was about you. I told my engineer I didn’t know anything about her. Offset and 21 Savage didn’t do that London on da track record because she said I was talking about her. It was clear she wanted to turn them against me and that’s what she did. On Krippy Kush record, she wanted to be on it. It went from 21 Savage to Travis Scott — he wasn’t allowed, because he was on her single. I can say you stopped two bags,” Nicki said. “They asked if I was okay putting Travis instead of 21 and I said sure, and he ended up being in the video. There’s certain things I won’t say because it will cause problems in her circle. And I’m not a devious person.”

Tired of the accusations, Cardi B took to her Instagram to clear up a few things including what really happened at the event and called out Minaj for doubling down on her statement on her own show.

“This is my thing Nicki Minaj, you’re saying I got ragged by Rah Ali but there was so much footage from every angle, where’s the footage showing I got ragged at? First, you said you had the footage and I was trying to get it from you then you asking people for it claiming you will pay $100,000. Which is it sis? You lie so much you can’t even keep up with the f*cking lies.”

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Cardi then went onto explain that she never tried to stop anyone from working with Minaj and finally gave her take on the infamous “Motorsport” issue.

“And since you brought that Motorsport shit up again, I am glad you brought that up because I have been wanting to talk about this for a hot minute. First off you changed your verse two or three times and the day before we were supposed to do the video you turned in your final verse and I wasn’t feeling your verse talking about, ‘If Cardi the QB I’m Nick Lombardi’, then following it up with ‘Bitch you my son go sit on a potty.’ First off you not my coach, you never helped me get in this fucking career and I’m nothing like you so I’m definitely not your fucking son.”

Cardi went onto reveal that she felt that Nicki manufactured their beef by creating an issue behind the scenes to help her with marketing her new album Queen and to make Cardi look villainous.

“If you had a problem with me going on the radio telling people that you changed your verse, which you did I’m not lying, why didn’t you call me so we could meet up and talk about it like adults like we did in LA? I called you right after I heard the record and you didn’t answer.”

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Cardi also dropped the bomb that the deal Nicki has with Diesel was originally presented to her along with a few records that Minaj ended up dropping verses on.

“You out here saying I tried to stop your bag, but I’m actually helping your bag, that Diesel deal came to me first and I turned it down because I am working with Fashion France and that “Woman Like Me” record actually came to me first but I am on so many pop records that I didn’t want to oversaturate myself but yea that came to me first.”

Not one to back down, Minaj responded to Cardi with receipts of her own claiming that she has her own footage of the incident and calls out Cardi for allegedly using ghostwriters.

“The only rapper in the history of rap who can only talk about deals and songs she’s supposedly turned down cuz she can’t talk about a verse she’s ever written. Fkn fraud,” Nicki tweeted. “I’ll pay you to take a lie detector test about every claim I made on #QueenRadio. You won’t. I must admit you’re a convincing liar. You looked me dead in my face & said you told ya man not to do the “no flags” video cuz I was dissing you. London on da Track got the same call.”

Ultimately after about four hours and a barrage of insults, Minaj stated that the issue between the two is over and that she would no longer be discussing it anymore.

“Ok you guys, let’s focus on positive things only from here on out. We’re all so blessed. I know this stuff is entertaining & funny to a lot of people but I won’t be discussing this nonsense anymore. Thank you for the support & encouragement year after year. Love you. ♥️”

To which Cardi agreed, “@Nickiminaj alright then! Let’s keep it positive and keep it pushing!”

Hopefully, this will lead to the two collaborating on a record in the future, but at this point we are just glad to see that the camps have agreed to move on and do what they do best, make great music.

Check out this week’s episode of Queen Radio here and Cardi’s response in full here.