As the 2018 midterm elections draw closer to voting time, many people are taking a stand on what they’ll be basing their decisions on. While prison reform, immigration, support in urban communities and the latest dealings when it comes to “Agent Orange” are some of the key notes of focus, one surprising factor that will surely swing votes is the stance on one smokey subject: weed, both from a recreational use perspective and decriminalizing the use of it overall.

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Here’s what’s Rolling Stone is saying about it in a detailed profile that speaks on marijuana’s effect on the coming midterm elections:

“Though Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced his own marijuana bill to decriminalize and regulate at the federal level, he won’t commit to bringing it up for a vote if he becomes majority leader. It’s the same story in the House — when asked if she’d bring a marijuana bill up for a vote, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wavered. “I don’t know where the president is on any of this. So any decision about how we go forward would have to reflect where we can get the result,” she said. “You’ve heard me say it, over and over: Public sentiment is everything.”

With Democratic leaders refusing to commit to even voting on marijuana, their candidate’s positions on it are as much of a patchwork as the nation’s disparate marijuana laws — and it could affect some of the most contested races in the country.”

With the main agrument being a “medical vs. recreational” matter, those at the top of the hill are calling on Democrats to rally up in support of the “pro-pot” movement to oppose the other side. According to NCIA Media Relations Director Morgan Fox in the same article, she says, “Some Democrats are still leery of publicly supporting marijuana policy reform for fear of backlash from Republican opponents, but they shouldn’t be.” She goes on to add that, “Supporting marijuana policy reform pretty much guarantees a boost of several points in the polls for candidates of either party.”


Make sure you all get out there and vote, but head over to Rolling Stone right now to read this hard-hitting feature and let us know your opinions over on our Facebook and Twitter.