Fif is doing what he does bests.

Not too long ago 50 Cent stopped posting on Instagram after his post was deemed inappropriate and taken down. Therefore, he took his talents to Twitter for a short while, but the people wanted 50 Cent back on Instagram. Well, he is back and better than ever.

In a recent viral episode of Dr. Phil, the show featured an obnoxious black teen who claims to be white. The teen’s name is Treasure.

“When it comes to Black People I think they’re all ugly and I have nothing in common with them,” she says.

Aside from getting Donkey of The Day from The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God, Black Twitter has clowned her as well. 50’s troll senses began to tingle once he caught wind of this. He decided to add his two cents. He posts a couple of pictures while comparing them to the Batman icon. “Lol look like she eat the food, the fork, the spoon and the knife,” captioned the Power producer. “Talking about Black people are ugly Batman mouth.”

According to a girl who claims to be Treasure’s sister, the Dr. Phil episode was a stunt, which is contrary to what Dr. Phil said on his interview with The Breakfast Club. Whether it is true or not, 50’s take on the situation was priceless.