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Jennifer Lopez has been in a few high-profile relationships, however, her latest with Alex Rodriguez seems like it has the legs for the long run. J.Lo will cover the December issue of InStyle magazine and she reveals that her romance with the former MLB slugger is particularly easy, especially compared to her romances with Ben Affleck or Diddy.

Inside the cover story, the legendary singer details how the difference in media over the years since her romance with the actor makes for an easier dating climate.


“Now at least I can show you who I am a little bit. Back then you just believed anything you read on the cover of a tabloid,” Lopez said to InStyle. “Many times it wasn’t true, or it was like a third of the truth.”

Contrary to popular belief these days Lopez cites the presence of social media as a tool to sustain her current relationship.

“Now people get to see that this guy they thought was this hard-nosed athlete is, like, a goofy dad who loves his kids and celebrates his girlfriend.”

Evidence of that may be the memes that A-Rod became when he was admiring his bae in a performance.

The issue of InStyle carries more insight from J.Lo, including this bombshell of a photo, launching her first makeup collection, identifying with curvy models and more. The issue is available for purchase on November 9.