Nike has a thing for dressing up its popular Vapormax Plus in unofficial movie-inspired colorways. After the Ironman-esque hue that we saw a few weeks ago, the Swoosh has another one coming through that reminds us of a certain Transformers character.

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The “Megatron” Vapormax Plus seen here isn’t officially linked to the Cybertron wave, but the gradient eggplant exterior is pretty dead-on for what you’d expect from a collaborative colorway. The black and dark grey upper does the grid pattern justice, giving the silhouette’s structured construction a look and feel that reminds you of clean machinery. The translucent Vapormax bubble sole is always the standout feature, and the icy purple tone is enough to remind you of the sheen of Megatron’s exterior shell. While these definitely do not make us wish for another Transformers film — next month’s release of Bumblebee seems promising, though — it’s dope enough just to imagine.

This upcoming Nike Vapormax Plus colorway arrives on sometime in November 2018. Enjoy a better look below:

Images: Sneaker News