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We are just about two months removed from Power‘s season five finale that saw AUSA Angela Valdez catch a bullet from her lover Ghost former drug-dealing partner Tommy. Yes, that’s a spoiler, if you haven’t seen it on social media now where have you been? But the Power franchise appears to be long from over. TV Line reports Co-creator Courtney Kemp has signed a new development and production deal with Lionsgate Television that could birth a spinoff.

“I’m incredibly proud of the success we’ve had with Power and I’m excited about expanding our banner and diversifying the types of stories we’re telling,” Kemp said in a statement. “I’m looking forward to exploring new ways of writing about my obsession: the intersections of violence, power, sex and romance.”

A spinoff could go numerous ways with the surplus of characters in the Power universe but a prequel detailing the rise to power of Ghost, Tommy and Kanan could definitely be interesting television.

Check out Courtney Kemp’s announcement below and keep your eyes peeled for the season six teasers that will drop leading up to its premiere.