Kanye West has been working on collaborative efforts with artists all year. We already received one with Kid CuDi, heard about one with Chance the Rapper, but now Talib Kweli states that he has one in the stash with Yeezy.

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Talib hit Instagram and revealed the duo started an album together in January. Oddly enough that was also a controversial time for Kweli as he was attacked by Candace Owens and her supporters with verbal messages of hate. But now, Talib states it is time to check back into that album because the lyrics are timely, closing with “Welcome back.”

It would not be the first time the two have worked together and many fans will point to the classic “Get Em High” collaboration between the two that landed on Ye’s The College Dropout.


The “Welcome back” message may be alluding to Kanye recently opening his eyes to people using him to push agendas that he doesn’t personally align with. One of which is Owens who was called out by Kanye on Twitter yesterday. There is still no word if Kanye feels Trump is one of those as well since he denouncing speaking on politics as a whole. He does still follow him on Twitter.

Check out Talib’s message below.