Google employees worldwide are walking off the job to protest the company’s treatment of women and its handling of sexual assault cases.

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Employees walked out of Google offices worldwide at 11:10 a.m. in each time zone on Thursday. Workers have walked out in Singapore, Zurich, London, Dublin, and New York City, filling nearby streets, sidewalks and parks.

And in California, home to Google’s headquarters, employees streamed out of its offices and filled plazas.


“We’ve always been told that Google is a leading-edge company, that our culture is something really special. And in that way we totally have the space to walk out and do this today,” Claire Stapleton, a New York-based marketing manager for YouTube and one of the walkout’s organizers.

Organizers are calling for an end to forced arbitration, a commitment from the company to end pay and opportunity inequity, a publicly disclosed sexual harassment transparency report, and a safe and anonymous process for reporting sexual misconduct at Google.