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Usher has a new album out but can’t seem to escape the drama and legal proceedings of the alleged herpes fiasco that affected the latter part of last year and early months of this one. Bossip reports Usher and his legal team requested a gag order to keep the details of the suit a private manner.

Usher and his legal team are working on the case that involved Laura Helm who accused the singer of knowingly giving her herpes after a couple of sexual encounters. Usher’s response includes a denial but also passing the blame back to Helm stating that unprotected sex was a risk that was taken on her account.

In the court documents, Usher is cited as a public figure who can be harmed if the details of the case become information obtainable by the general public, citing “harm, annoyance and/or embarrassment.

Currently, there is not a response to the motion or a judgment from court officials to the request.