If you have yet to hear, Floyd Mayweather is stepping back into a ring on New Year’s Eve. However, this return for Floyd isn’t to boxing, instead, he will be making his Mixed Martial Arts debut against 20-year-old Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa. Many people were confused to the decision, but friend turn enemy, maybe friend again someday, 50 Cent knows why the bout is happening.

“Champ fighting a Uber driver before the IRS embarrass him again. Pay [per] view my ass, we watching this on YouTube,” 50 shared on Instagram.

If that wasn’t enough, 50 goes on to troll Floyd by posting a fan-made image of Mayweather and Chris Tucker and Nasukawa as Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 4. Expect plenty more shade to come from 50 in the road leading up to this clash on New Year’s Eve.

Meanwhile, Floyd’s opponent is very confident that he can do what Conor McGregor couldn’t.