The last episode of Frank Ocean’s Blonded Radio was August 2017, but he returned with a new episode of his Beats 1 radio show on Midterms Election Day.

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Ocean, Vegyn, and the rest of the group talked openly about voting today, fascism, and more. Talking on free speech, Ocean said it was a “two-way street” and noticed Republicans’ ways to “deal more in fantasies.” The singer also called out PizzaGate idiots, gerrymandering efforts, and more.


“We’re against gerrymandering,” Ocean said. “We’re against voter ID laws. We’re against voter suppression.” Addressing evangelical voters, Ocean proposed a different way to read the Holy Bible. “If Jesus didn’t say it, don’t read that shit,” he said.

In regards to music, there was a wide variety. Valee, The Carters, Retro X, Jadakiss, La Goony Chonga, Arthur, and Playboi Carti were among those lucky to have a cut on the most recent episode of Frank Ocean’s show.

Discussing Carti, he recently revealed that he and Ocean have a slew of songs together in the vault. “Frank Ocean, he’s the GOAT,” Carti told the Cruz Show back in July. “The last time I worked with him was in New York about a month ago. We did like five songs.”