Words by: Manuel Portugal

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In a recent interview with Romeo of the 93.5 KDAY Morning Show in Los Angeles, Mya talked about her new album TKO and went on to mention the making of Pras’ “Ghetto Superstar” track featuring her and Wu-Tang’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

“Recording ‘Ghetto Superstar,’ I did that in New York City. Wyclef was the producer of the track, Pras was present and Wyclef was there recording vocals and it was such a quick session because it was a chorus. They had other girls singing as well, but they were testing more established artists out to see what they like, because I had just come out with one single. They were unsure if I would have any impact because I wasn’t established yet and it wasn’t until ODB heard some of the options. He says ‘well, who’s that?’ He’s responsible for my feature staying on the record.”


Mya went on to mention the recording process of the hit, “Lady Marmalade.” The singer says how they recorded the chorus together but lead vocals were done separately, with P!nk being the most “spontaneous” out of the bunch during rehearsals.

Watch the full interview below: