Ja Rule and 50 Cent have been beefing with each other damn near since I was born, and according to the Queens native, this is going to keeping going until “one of them is gone.” But according to Ja’s latest Instagram post, he’s waving the white flag. But before he goes he said one last thing.

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After saying that this will be the last time that he addresses the Get Rich or Die Trying rapper, he posted a picture of Fif posed up with President Donald Trump and he goes on to say that he mainly uses his platform for negativity and to tear his own people down. “This will be my last post about @50cent and I wanna be serious for second and just say me and this man went back and forth yesterday like school kids…” Ja shared, captioning a throwback photo of 50 Cent and Donald Trump. “But not once did I see him use his platform of 20 million followers for ANYTHING uplifting I’m sure he didn’t vote didn’t encourage anyone to vote only Tom fucking foolery tearing down other ppl of color always talking shit with yo stink breath ass.”

The veteran rapper concluded the rant in the since deleted post with a call-to-action. “EVERYONE is tired of you… let’s STOP supporting ppl who don’t support their own you boot licking ring kissing COON…”


50 has yet to respond, this may be because he has Ja blocked. But we’re sure the word is going to get back to him.