All the way from the south of London comes British-born singer, Joanna. Her musical roots stem from the U.K., where she spent a lot of her time growing her music career. After taking a hiatus from music, once she moved across to United States, she immersed herself into the entertainment business by way of television and film. It didn’t take long for her to come to the realization that music was her true destiny. Since embarking on her musical journey, her fans have been graced with her infectious sound and voice through each project she releases.

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When it comes to writing her own lyrics, Joanna comes from a poetry- driven background. That’s when you know the lyrics come from the heart, as she pours her soul into her craft. “After I started recording my own songs, I realized it was all in my heart. And, after I released my EP ‘Deeper’ last year, I learned that everything I’ve been through had a purpose behind it,” said the singer. Since the release, she has been pleased to find how many people truly loved the art. Heartbreak is something everyone can relate to, which made “Deeper” such an easy listen.

Joanna’s voice is incredibly smooth, and pulls you in unlike any other. Her music is something you want to vibe out to at night, as it captures a very “chill, sanctuary music” essence. Coming up on her seven year anniversary of living in the states, the artist is excited to release her next major body of work, “When I’m Drunk”. “I am so excited about the future,” said Joanna. “I just released the video for ‘Forever My Lady’, which is a fun song with a darker side than you would usually imagine.” Everyone loves a catchy song about being in love with your person, which is exactly what the song embodies. Joanna is celebrating this new milestone in her career, and so are we.