The 2018 Mid-term elections held many high-profile battles for office positions, but many Americans had their eyes on the match-ups of Democrat and Republic candidates in the gubernatorial elections in Georgia and Florida.

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Florida’s new governor would be between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum. The end of Election Day saw Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, Florida and one of the stronger candidates presented by the Democratic Party in years conceding the race. If Gillum had won, he would have been the first African-American governor in the history of Florida. Emotional, Gillum addressed his supporters who gathered at his alma mater of Florida A&M University providing a sense of determination to continue to work for what he believed in and echoed throughout his campaign.

“Are we going to wake up and bask in sorrow and defeat? Or are we going to get up and reassert ourselves at the mission at hand?,” Gillum shared.


The win for governor-elect DeSantis would continue a reign of dominance across Florida for Republicans that dates back to 1998. Coming into Election Day there were mentions of a “new south” that would start with Democrat takeover in Florida and Georgia.

As for Georgia, Republicans managed to hold on to the governor spot for the state for the time being. Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams has not given up her bid for Governor and is pushing for a runoff. At the time of reporting Republican Brian Kemp corralled 50.4% of votes, compared to 48.7% owned by Abrams.

CNN reports Abrams will not concede stating that with the possibility of a runoff there is no reason to bow out. Kemp was marked at an advantage of 68,000 votes. The runoff would be held in December if necessary.

“I’m here tonight to tell you votes remain to be counted. There’s voices that are waiting to be heard,” Abrams voiced to her supporters on Wednesday (Nov. 7) morning.

Kemp opposed Abrams statement suggesting all the votes were in and he should be the new Governor of the state. If Abrams were to win she would be the first African-American woman to be governor in the history of the United States.

All was not lost or seemingly so for Democrats across the country. The race for governor in Illinois was conceded by incumbent Bruce Rauner to Democrat JB Pritzker early in the evening, eliciting celebrations from citizens in the area who have expressed dissatisfaction in his efforts.

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