A lot of artists went hard on social media to encourage their fans to vote yesterday. Some examples of celebrities that campaigned are Diddy, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. But Travis Scott took it a step further.  He tweeted that he had free tickets for his Nov. 17th Astroworld Festival, if they went out to vote. Salute to everyone doing their part to create change.

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One organization that has been an advocate for change is the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. They are the non-profit group responsible for leading the way for the Amendment 4 to get passed in Florida. This law will give back almost 1.4 million felons their right to vote. If we continue to take small steps to give people their right to vote our voices can really be heard by the time 2020 election comes around.

Speaking of small steps that move to bigger ones, let’s look at a lady that has been leaping up the charts for years as a rapper, singer, producer and songwriter.


Missy Elliott is one of rap’s most original – down to style ,voice and production. But Not too many people know her pen game is crazy, she has written a lot of our favorite songs, including music for Beyoncé and Whitney Houston, So it’s only right she’s nominated for the 2019 Songwriters Hall of Fame. Missy is the first female rapper nominated for the award and could also become the third rapper to enter the organization following recent inductees; Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri.