Ask any young person you know about Blacks in politics on the national level and you will be hard pressed to find a long list of names. Of course, you will hear President Barack Obama. You might even hear Stacey Abrams on account of her recent campaign or Corey Booker because of his courageous opposition to Brett Kavanaugh during those recent confirmation hearings earlier in the summer. One name that you will most certainly here is Maxine Waters. But you won’t hear it like that with your millennial. You will hear her by a moniker that is chock-full of endearment, love, and trust: Auntie Maxine.

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Waters has become beloved by so many because of her unwavering commitment to the civil rights of her people, her unabashed tongue and that look she gives to folk across the aisle that work clearly work her nerves.

During Tuesday’s mid-term election, Rep. Waters claimed an easy win in California’s 43rd Congressional District over Trump support, Omar Navarro. This is not the first time Navarro has challenged and lost to the octogenarian. The GOP keeps trying, but her supporters not only appreciate her raw and honest politics but have rallied to keep her guard against any opposition.


There is a reason for them to protect her and keep her in office: She is positioned to throw a monkey wrench in 45’s wicked scheme to make the rich get richer and to tap dance on the poor.

Auntie Maxine has served for 14 terms as a House member and has been the top Democrat on the banking panel since 2013 when she replaced retired Congressman Barney Frank from Massachusetts. Because of her ranking, she is poised to become the chair of the panel, thanks to the drastic loss that the GOP suffered in the midterm election. This has the GOP, Big Business and Wall Street shaking in their designer boots.

Waters keeps coming at 45’s neck because he is so soft on Big Business and Wall Street.

Calling for an increase in national bank regulations, she clearly is on the opposite side of President Trump and his Capitol Hill allies. Recently, she has released a report with other Dems calling for Wells Fargo to close their doors and pledging to call for higher fines for financial institutions that try to skirt around the law. Waters has said that if she wins (AND SHE DID) and Dems take control of the house, that she would focus on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and housing reform.

And so… it is safe to say that Wall Street did not rejoice when Auntie Maxine won her race. We will sit back with popcorn to see how all of this plays out.