Far from an overnight success that he may appear to the casual fan, ChillinIt has been patiently developing and honing his craft for many years into one of the most exciting rappers to emerge out of Australia. Getting somewhat of a breakthrough via the influential Hustle Hard TV YouTube some six years ago, the talented and versatile Sydney rapper has recently released his excellent debut album “Women, Weed & Wordplay” to widespread critical acclaim and success. With an impressive independent 1.5 million-plus streams with no playlist help or distribution deal in the first week alone, the proof is in the numbers for the versatile wordsmith with the album charting at #1.

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Along with contemporaries Wombat, Nerve, Talakai, Shadow, Huskii, Lil Sknow, Mitchos Da Menace, Triple One, TRYL and Skrub, ChillinIt has led the charge for the new generation of skilled emcees to emerge from down under – aided by the excellent work that the affiliated Body Bag Media platform has been able to develop. Building on the style of the independent foundation created by the likes of Kerser, Fraksha, Fortay, and Alex Jones before him, ChillinIt has certainly emerged in the last year or two with a legion of fans and a strong potential to take his refreshing sound truly global. His music has already organically linked him to the UK, scoring a spot on JDZ Media and a collaboration with English grime emcee Kamakaze.


The charismatic ChillinIt oozes star factor and has cultivated a family of fans known as the #420Fam. It is easy to see why he has developed such a rabid following in the recent years, with skills and authenticity on the microphone only matched by his energetic live shows that have many saying are some of the best in the country. There’s no rapping off phones, there’s no stumbling and fumbling his way through live shows just near complete hungry, raw, professionalism. Amassing tens of millions streams/views in the last year or so alone, ChillinIt definitely has the potential to be one of the first rappers from Australia to truly break through to the contemporary American market and has already sparked significant major record label interest. The hungry rapper is keen to showcase his many different styles with lyrical content to match almost any mood.

If reaction videos were a gauge of his potential overseas, he may eventually prove to be as fire globally as he is at home. With a strong, consistent work ethic already in the young talented artist, it will be an interesting few coming months to see how ChillinIt is able to negotiate his increasingly new levels of success which only seems to develop by the hour. A truly talented rapper at the core, Australia is proud that such an artist is leading the charge and expect him to level up again soon. Expect to see him on further major Australasian tour support and festival slots by his own accord soon – before taking the world by storm.

Check his debut album “Women, Weed & Wordplay” streaming now and catch up on his extensive back catalog before it’s a Chill takeover. #420Family