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Andrew Gillum at first appeared to have lost Florida’s race for governor to Ron DeSantis. But now, for the first time ever in a Florida governor race, there will be a recount.

In Florida, an automatic recount is triggered when there’s a lead of less than one half of a percentage. If the margin of victory is under one-quarter of a percentage point, a hand recount is ordered.

“The Florida race for Governor is now in the range where a legal recount is required,” activist Shaun King wrote on Twitter. “The national news media never should’ve called this race in the first place. @AndrewGillum can still win & tens of thousands of votes are outstanding. Getting closer & closer.”


April Ryan of American Urban Radio was the first one to report a possible recount on Wednesday. The Senate race in Florida will also get a recount.

Although Gillum did concede, that was a formality.

“I sincerely regret that I couldn’t bring it home for you,” Gillum said to his supporters in an emotional speech Tuesday night, referring to his campaign slogan, but now, the apparent elusive victory win might still be within reach.