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Everyone expected the Cleveland Cavaliers to take a step back with the departure of LeBron James, but 1-10 to start the season? Maybe not that much of a step back. But here they are, not winning, Kevin Love is injured and it’s looking pretty bleak in Northeast Ohio. Adding insult to injury is Paul Pierce, who claims the Duke Blue Devils can beat the Cavs. Yes, a college team.

The 2018-19 Duke Blue Devils had their debut this week when they ran all over the Kentucky Wildcats with a final score of 118-84. They are led by sure-fire lottery picks in Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett, and Cam Reddish, one of which will likely be a Cav. But Pierce already thinks they are beyond the likes of Cleveland’s franchise.

“Y’all see that Duke game last night?” Paul Pierce shared on ESPN. “They could beat Cleveland.

Now many will call it unlikely, others will say Pierce is being a hater because of the battles that he had with King James-led Cavs teams but is it far’fetched? You let us know. Just know that everything isn’t pretty in the Quicken Loans Arena.


Sidenote, watch every Duke game this year. It’s a legit show.