This weekend’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival was lit. From performances to unexpected proclamations, there were plenty of newsworthy moments. From a Kids See Ghosts’ performance to Tyler, The Creator sporadically popping up in the crowd, all eyes were at the event this weekend. One thing that Jaden Smith said during his show surprised people though. He’s shown love to Tyler in the past but who knew what type of love it was.

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Both Jaden and Tyler aren’t afraid of the negative stigma attached to homosexuality in Hip-Hop. Smith caused an uproar for rocking a skirt for his Louis Vuitton campaign. Tyler has also rapped in the past about “kissing white boys since 2004.”


During his performance last night, Jaden told the crowd that if there’s one thing he wants them to take away from his set, it’s that he and Tyler are “boyfriends.” After he dropped the bomb, the camera panned to Tyler, who was wearing a mask, and you can see him saying “no.” But Jaden is keeping it going via social media.

Tyler could not let Jaden’s joke go any longer. He responded.