The Golden State Warriors are the current NBA juggernauts. Even though they are the best team in the league, it doesn’t excuse them from having internal drama. Warriors All-Stars Kevin Durant and Draymond Green got into a heated exchange at the end of regulation last night. Green dribbled away the final possession of the fourth quarter without getting a shot up. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the jawing didn’t end there.

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Woj reports that the argument carried into locker room Monday night following the 121-116 loss, with multiple teammates “loudly confronting Green for decision-making on final play of regulation.” The scene was described as one of most intense of this Golden State Warriors’ era.

There’s no audio on any footage of Durant and Green’s argument, but you can see him slamming his chest and mouthing, “Give me the damn ball!” He’s saying it for a good reason: The Warriors brought Durant to Golden State for this very reason. When the game is on the line, Durant is at his best. It’s why he won NBA Finals MVP two seasons in a row. The man is ice-cold in the clutch.

Why not give him the ball? It makes all the sense in the world. Could this be a one-off altercation or could it linger throughout the season? Only time will tell.