50 Cent is on a new path of spreading positive on social media these days. Although true it does not necessarily mean our culture’s biggest troll will rid of his petty antics. A few days ago the G-Unit CEO posted a picture of Juelz Santana’s teeth to emphasize a “don’t do drugs” message to the youth. The caption read, “Damn it Mmaaann just say no to drugs. This is going to far now, no teeth Jesus Chris Positive vibes.”

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Following the picture, Juelz responded subliminally with a picture of his teeth. The bright pearly whites were nothing compared to the picture 50 posted. We all knew how this was going to end up. The “Power” executive used the Dipset rapper’s picture against him, referring to his pearly whites as “chiclet teeth.” He posts both pictures in comparison to one another.

Fif’s history with trolling Dipset dates back to his beef with Cam’ron during the mid-2000s era. Both New York rappers traded a number of diss tracks. Over a decade later, 50 continues to fire shots back at Dipset. Instead of bars on a diss track, he uses Instagram as the catalyst for his antics. We’ll continue to watch to see if Juelz will respond. If he does, you can expect an even more petty response from 50.