Words by: Symone Daniels

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Golden State Warrior Draymond Green sat out Tuesday’s night game against the Atlanta Hawks due to an altercation between him and his teammate Kevin Durant. Even though they are going through this situation now, Durant expects the pair to patch things up. In a statement, Durant said that Green’s “presence has been a part of this team for a while, even before I got here, he’d been a huge staple in this organization.” He continued, “Obviously it’s definitely weird not having him around and everything that went down. But that what happens in the NBA.”

Green was suspended one game without pay for conduct detrimental to the team due to an altercation the previous night with teammate Kevin Durrant. Although the general manager Bob Myers is being tight lip about certain details, in a statement to ESPN, he said that he and Steve Kerr came up with the suspension together.


“We just felt like this rose to the level of acting the way he did. He was professional. He loves to play basketball, which is all you can ask of him.” Green’s suspension cost him $120,480.

After the game, Durant told ESPN wished to keep the information in-house.

“That’s what we do here. I mean, obviously I know you guys got a job to do, but I’m not trying to give nobody no headlines. What happened, happened. We’re trying to move on — just trying to play basketball.”

The Warriors ended their night on a victory note beating the Hawks 110-103.