It’s no secret that YG loves everything about Los Angeles and ever since the St. Louis Rams moved to the golden state, to become the Los Angeles Rams, YG has embraced running back Todd Gurley.

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Gurley was the tenth overall pick of the 2015 NFL draft and arguably the Rams most productive player since the glory days of former Rams wide receiver, Tory Holt.

Despite the slow start of the Lakers since LeBron James arrival to the city. Gurley and the Rams have given YG an extra reason to brag about his city. Currently first in the NFC West, the Rams are living large in LA as they boast a 9-1 record.


YG has shown his support for Gurley by sporting his jersey during games and even trolling fans of opposing teams after the Rams win.

Apparently, their relationship is deeper than what we know because before defeating the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday, YG made sure Gurley had some extra drip for his postgame outfit.  Considering the Rams are almost sure to represent the NFC in the Superbowl, adding to TG’s 120 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown, we’d agree the drip is well deserved.

Jason of Beverley Hills seems to be the place to go when rich people want to buy jewels for their rich friends. Drake recently stopped by to grab a few gifts for Migos.

Relatively in the same time frame, YG stopped by Jason of BH, to pick up four 4Hunnid diamond pendants. According to TMZ, Each gold medallion carries 3 carats of flawless white diamonds. Jason seems to have a reputation for dancing diamonds.

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