2 Milly seems to be pretty cool with everyone doing his viral dance, the Milly Rock, but he isn’t down with letting others profit off of his moves without his consent. Which is why he’s the latest rapper to have beef with Fortnite, which added his dance to the game.

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2 Milly told CBS News how he found out that he became a Fortnite emote, which is a dance animation that players can purchase. “Everybody was like ‘Yo your dance is in the game,'” he said. “They actually sell the particular move. It’s for purchase. That’s when I was really like ‘Oh nah, this can’t go on too long.'”

As per the outlet, 2 Milly plans to sue the Epic Games-owned game franchise.


The Milly Rock is a move that 2 Milly popularized when he uploaded a video of himself dancing to it on top of a car, with a song to accompany the dance moves. The dance became the next sensation since the Shmoney Dance four years ago. The dance resurfaced after Playboi Carti mentioned it in his 2017 record, “Magnolia.”

While 2 Milly is one of the most recent artists to have their moves ripped, he’s a long way from the first. Fortnite also took Psy’s Gangnam and Snoop Dogg’s “Drop it Like it’s Hot.”