Beyoncé has cut ties with Sir Philip Green, the Topshop mogul who is facing harassment and bullying claims.

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The singer’s organization Parkwood has purchased out the British tycoon’s 50% share in Ivy Park, the clothing line she launched with Green’s Arcadia Group in 2016.

Ivy Park said in an announcement: “After discussions of almost a year, Parkwood has acquired 100% of the Ivy Park brand. Topshop/Arcadia will fulfil the existing orders.”


Beyoncé and Green previously declared in 2014 that they were collaborating to plan an athletic streetwear mark and the main Ivy Park extend went on special at Topshop two years after the fact. The principal sets of tops, sports bras and stockings was modeled by Beyoncé herself.

Claims that Green acted improperly surfaced a month ago when Lord Hain uncovered that the agent had gotten a interim injunction order against the Daily Telegraph after the daily paper planned to expose the claims of offense made by five workers. The billionaire has since denied the allegations of sexual harassment and racist abuse. He has insisted that “there was never any intent to be offensive”.

Current and previous representatives of his Arcadia Group have claimed an atmosphere of dread, tormenting and provocation at the organization. The Guardian detailed that few representatives were given colossal seven-figure mystery payouts to settle their cases.

Jane Shepherdson, the previous brand chief at Topshop, has depicted him as a “bully”. She claimed that his conduct in the working environment was “worse than most” and that tormenting still occurred in the organization.