Juicy J was on the Ebro in the Morning Show on Hot 97 and talks about his longtime friend Mac Miller and a possible Three Six Mafia reunion and the story behind the success of “Slob on my Knob”

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“I started DJing this club in South Memphis,” he explained. “I played the song one time and the next week  I came back the next Sunday… Everybody that was walking in the club was like ‘Yo, Juicy man. Play that song you played last week.’ And I was like ‘what song?’ They were like ‘Slob on Knob.’ I was like ‘You like that stupid song?'”

When talking about Miller by him performing at the tribute concert on Halloween night, all he can think about are the good times at this difficult time. Many are waiting on the Memphis group Three Six Mafia to reform back into one for the next project and music. Peep the interview below.