Everyone either knows or has heard of Atlanta-based strip club Magic City — GQ went as far as producing one insightful three-part docuseries on the venue back in 2015. To continue the widely-accepted legacy that Hip-Hop plays in the “pole performance” biz, and vice versa, Drake decided to honor the iconic hotspot by dropping merch that infuses the club with his latest multiplatinum album, Scorpion.

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The “Scorpion City” set offers up a range of strip club-ready streetwear — that is, hoodies, T-shirts, sweatpants and shorts that will be comfortable when, well, you’ve already planned to be at the club for the rest of the night. Mixing in the infamous “Magic City Mondays” motif is a clever add-in, especially the neon sign-inspired graphics included in the design as well. The biggest attraction though is the glow-in-the-dark appeal of most of the capsule collection — a further reason why these pieces were made for late-night, dimly-lit settings. So, whether it’s Sunday or Monday — a day for fresh starts, right? — we’re sure “Scorpion City” is open for service. Singles not included.

Pick up Drake’s Magic City x Scorpion “Scorpion City” collection right now in the tourlife.com web store, with more dropping between tomorrow (November 22) and Thanksgiving (November 23). See the options below: