Canada Goose went all the way back to 1982 to get some inspo for the all-new Approach Jacket, a new shell inspired heavily by the classic Skreslet Parka.

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Back when Laurie Skreslet made history in ’82 as the first Canadian to summit Mt. Everest, wearing a custom Canada Goose overcoat, nobody could predict the longstanding success the brand would still be experiencing since that monumental moment. To celebrate CG’s over three decades in providing quality winter gear, the refined Approach Jacket arrives in unisex styles and an even wider range of neon colorways. From luminous pink and green to vibrant orange, blue and even infrared, the options are pretty abundant and a nice alternate to the typical black and navy blue outwear that dominates the season. The down-filled hood, fleece-lined pockets and built-in mesh water bottle pocket make up for some of the standout specs, and arrives just when we need one of these the most. It’s getting brick out there!

Pick up the Canada Goose Approach Jacket for $775 USD beginning on Black Friday (November 23) at Canada Goose flagships, online and at select retailers globally.