While controversial Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is facing the rest of his natural life behind bars, the story behind the cause of his arrest may prompt the 22 year old emcee to reconsider his affiliations.

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According to the Asst. U.S. District Attorney, Tek almost became a victim top his own crew after his comments on The Breakfast Club, alleging that some of his own people were praying on his downfall.

“They wanted to ‘super violate’ him”, said the prosecutor in reference to his former crew mates. He said the term “super violate” meant to perform a “violent act, including shooting him.”


Fearing for his life, federal agents picked up the “Gummo” rapper at his home on Saturday and brought him to FBI headquarters for his protection. They initially didn’t arrest him and offered to keep the rapper safe. He refused their help and signed a waiver so that he coud be released.

The next day, federal authorities from the ATF and Homeland Security took 6ix9ine into custody after learning that Tekashi was planning a trip to Connecticut’s Foxwoods Casinos and there may be an attempt on his life there.

According to prosecutors, 6ix 9ine and the Nine Trey set of the Blood gang in Brooklyn “committed. conspired, attempted and threatened to commit acts of violence including acts involving murder, robbery and extortion against rival gang members and other individuals adverse to the enterprise.”

Tekashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, is due back in court today to be formally arraigned on six federal charges. He faces a possible life sentence in prison.