The come-up story of designer Warren Lotas reads like a Cinderella tale, starting from creating punk-inspired gear in his college dorm room to styling Wiz Khalifa in those skinny jeans that Kanye went on to idolize in his infamous #Wizwearscoolpants rant. Now, the Boston-bred creative is keeping the momentum going with a capsule of sports-inspired swag arriving in time for Black Friday.

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Keeping with the punk art vibes that’ve become his signature, Lotas chose a handful of NBA teams to show a little love to in this seven-piece collection. Franchise logos for the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks and Houston Rockets can be seen as the main motifs, designed under and over a mix of flaming skull ballers boasting scythes and blood-red eyes. Basically, he recreated the Staples Center brawl. In all seriousness though, this set of jerseys, T-Shirts, hoodies and sweatpants look really dope with the added etchings of art, and has some of your favorite teams looking type swaggy right now.

The new sports-themed capsule by Warren Lotas drops tomorrow (November 22) at 5 PM EST in his online store, which arrives just in time to kick off your Black Friday shopping. Peep all of your options below: