The NMD, BYW and especially the YEEZY series are currently killing it for adidas in the sales department, but none of those popular models will ever touch the legacy of the beloved Stan Smith. The Three Stripes knows it too, and is honoring the shoe with a special edition release to commemorate 40 years since the tennis legend officially took the silhouette on as his signature shoe.

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As sneaker history goes, the Stan Smith was originally called the Robert Haillet, named after the French international tennis player that dominated the sport in the ’50s and ’60s. After Haillet’s retirement in 1965, adidas tapped then-World No. 1 tennis player Stan Smith to take over the reigns in 1971. After years of sharing co-branding with his predecessor, Smith finally became the official endorser for the shoe in 1978 and it’s been gaining grail status under that name ever since. Now, a full four decades later, the shoe still looks as crisp and classic as ever, complete with the Kelly Green foam padding on the heel that was introduced in 1967. This time around, the design gets an updated touch from the digital era, etched with a #StanSmithForever hashtag on the lateral heel to compliment the specially-signed insole — both in Smith’s handwriting for an official signature touch.

Celebrate an icon along with The Three Stripes by copping the adidas Stan Smith Forever when they drop this Saturday (December 1), available at select retailers like Solebox. More images below:

Source: Sneaker News