Words by: Rashad Grove

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On Sunday, November 25th, the annual Soul Train was held to celebrates the genre of R&B. One of the innovative additions to the modern Soul Train awards is the R&B cypher. But not everyone agreed with the some of the R&B singers that were chosen to participate in the celebration. Songstress Lil Mo vocalist threw major shade Queen Naija over her performance during the cypher, which she appeared alongside BJ the Chicago Kid, Luke James, Erykah Badu and Kelly price.

Lil Mo went out of her way to go on Instagram to call out Queen Naija for just being another “pretty girl” and using her pregnancy as an excuse for not singing at the bottom of her pit. She compares Queen Naija to other YouTube artists who look good but lacks longevity in their careers because they don’t work on their craft. You can read her deleted post below:


Queen Naija responded on Twitter

But Queen Naija’s fans didn’t respond with the same class as she displayed. They commenced to dragging Lil Mo all through social media. They called her out for hating on Queen Naija and being upset because she didn’t get the invite. Some said much more. Check some of the responses below.