Atlanta native, Lil Baby never expected his troubled past would lead to a place in the southern Hip-Hop music game.

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Once he understood the power of his voice, he “put Atlanta on his back” and hasn’t looked back since. The industry didn’t waste any time dubbing him one of the new hottest artists to watch. After he dropped his mixtape Perfect Timing in April of 2017, he made a quick rise to the forefront. Quickly following his chart booming hit “My Dawg” he recently released debut album Harder Than Ever. Lil Baby hits NYC to show us what it’s like to be in his world. He gets intimate as he discusses family, fashion, music and where he plans to take his success.  

Lil Baby linked up  with The Source TV for an episode of “A Day In The Life Of Lil Baby” where we follow him and his day to day activities !