In the federal cases against Brooklyn rap wunderkind Tekashi 69, everybody knows that somebody is telling everything and Shotti’s lawyer says that it’s DJ Akademiks.

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According to HipHopOverload, Shotti’s lawyer claims that federal agents pressed Tekashi’s fair weather friend so hard, that he chose to flip on the Brooklyn rapper rather than take the federal obstruction of justice charge, which carries a minimum of five years in federal prison.

The report says that Akademiks’ IG account was/is being used as evidence by the feds, while the feds believe that his relationship with 6ix9ine can get them information that only Tr3Way members would know.


It is also alleged that Akademiks is the one whop convinced Tek to fire his entire team, including Shotti and the rest of Tr3Way.

Shotti’s lawyer promises that Akademikls’ name will be seen on court docs as soon as they are available.

UPDATE: According to a report from TMZ, Shotti’s lawyer Scott Leemon says that he never made any such statement and any such claim is false.