Can you say blackballed?

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Funky Dineva felt the wrath of social media’s Carter crew on the comedian’s recently caught flack on his recent appearance on TS Madison’s show, The Queen’s Court. The guest of the show began to troll Jay-Z about his looks. Instead of going with the flow, he decided to take a different route and go after Hov’s first child, Blue Ivy Carter. Dineva calls the 7-year-old child ugly. After catching heat on social media, the comedian released a video apologizing for his actions.

“I’m upset with myself. I’ve said some off the wall things before in the name of comedy, and I’ve stood by them all and defended them all, and told the general public, you know, ‘Forget you. You’re just gonna have to be mad.’ But this is one of those things that I’m not proud of. I can’t stand in this one.”


Dineva should definitely have known better. In all situations, leave children out of it. Blue Ivy is defenseless. All the children are. He should not be surprised if the Hip-Hop’s royal family’s fan base continues to fault Funky Dineva.

“I recognize wholeheartedly that what I did was wrong…Find it in your hearts to forgive me. Hopefully, we can get past this.”

He promises to make efforts in the future to be more mindful of his jokes and “be a better wordsmith when it comes to people’s children.” Peep his apology video below.