A few months ago, model Winnie Harlow sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, causing some controversy. On the show, she explained America’s Next Top Model’s impact on her career. To many people’s surprise, she noted that the reality show did not help her career at all. 

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Harlow said,”I really started after the show (because that really didn’t do anything for my career). Which it doesn’t do anything for any model’s career, realistically.” She continued, “I thought it was going to be a career starter, but it was really like but a reality tv show. That’s not what I signed up for.”


Recently, Tyra Banks appeared on the Bravo talk show and gave her opinion. Tyra laughed it off with a smize, “Did she say that? I discovered her on Instagram… I have nothing but love for my girls.” She continued, “They’re all my babies. Even the ones that act out.”

One of Tyra’s baby also responded. Eva Marcille joined Andy Cohen on the hit talk show and he asked her thoughts on Harlow’s comments about ANTM.

She did not shy away from giving her two cents:

“You know it amazes me that people get opportunities and they totally forget who gave them those opportunities.” The straightforward Marcille continued, “Winnie Harlow is a beautiful girl but let’s be clear, we know her because of ‘Top Model’. The world knows her, Drake knows her, Wiz Khalifa knows her because of ‘Top Model’.”

Harlow has since responded to Eva Marcille’s reactions and continues to plead her case that ANTM did nothing for her career except add a reality television stigma to her brand. She explained that the only reason she began to book work is that she began to grow her portfolio in Europe which led to her first big campaign.