If anyone knows a thing or two about a very public Hip-Hop beef it’s Meek Mill. A couple of years back he engaged in one of the most talked about beefs in history with his foe, now once again friend, Drake. The 6ix God went on to another beef with Pusha T that got pretty nasty. Drake is on record for believing King Push went too far, but Meek says he should have expected it.

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Meek Mill visited Angie Martinez during his recent trip to New York City to promote Championships and detailed how when the beef is on, Hip-Hop gloves are off.

“Ain’t no such thing as going too hard. I would tell Drake that when I see him, too,” he said. “I’m just tellin’ you, I’m come from where niggas sayin’, ‘We will smoke your mom.’ Like, ‘We will lay on your mom and smoke her. Your dad is a rat. Your sister is a hoe.'”


Meek would also go on to detail his on beef with Drake and how he wasn’t prepared for the memes and pieces that followed.

Thankfully, he and Drake are on the same page now.

Check out the full commentary from Meek Mill on the rules in beef below.