A white Target customer was caught on camera harassing three Black female customers in Tennessee, telling them they “don’t belong here” and accusing them of improperly discussing sex in public.

“You were talking about sex in public. Are you having sex in public because that’s what you screamed out loud,” the woman — quickly nicknamed “Target Teresa” says in a since-deleted video uploaded to Facebook.

Although they didn’t have to, the group of women began explaining to #TargetTeresa that they were referring to Eartha Kitt’s character in the 1992 comedy Boomerang and even attempted to disengage. But the NASA T-shirt wearing woman was not here for it.

“I didn’t realize talking about sex in public was normal. I know you’re trained on lying. You’re perfect for the court system because you’re all trained liars,” she says.

Amid the altercation, #TargetTeresa called the women abusive.

One of the women in the incident anonymously told Yahoo Lifestyle that she was “confused” by the entire ordeal.

“She told us, ‘You shouldn’t be talking about sex,’” the woman told the outlet. “We were confused — then, she came around the corner with her shopping cart and started ranting, ‘You don’t belong here’ and calling our conversation inappropriate.”