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Instagram’s favorite couple, Chicklet and Maleni, use humor in their relationship to move their brand forward. By now you must have seen a number of their hilarious Instagram videos. Chicklet, whose real name is Steven Negron, and Maleni Cruz currently have a combined 3.8 million followers on Instagram. The couple started off as good friends before making it official. Chicklet says after seeing the success of Queens, NY native, Shiggy (@theshiggyshow) he knew that it was possible.

One of the couple’s videos made it to Worldstar and it was all up from there. Following Worldstar, Cardi B caught wind of a video, where Maleni exposed Chiclet for trying to stunt on the Gram with Jay-Z’s favorite cognac, Dusse.


Bardi reposted the video and the rest was history. In less than a month, the couple was contacted by both Dusse and Tidal.

“After that I quit my job,” said Chicklet, who worked as a dishwasher and at FedEx prior to the fame. “I didn’t really say I’m out; I just stopped showing up.”

The New York couple’s foundation on Instagram has lead to more opportunities for both of them from club appearances to merch as well as a new live show in the upcoming year, titled, LAFF (Love At First Fight). With such an appealing name to the show, it will only add to their current success.

The celebrity couple not only capitalizes from their own success but gives back as well. During this past Thanksgiving, Chicklet and Maleni partnered with 3 Kilos Vodka to host a Turkey giveaway to those in need.

“It’s amazing to be able to give that opportunity to somebody else (to) at least have them celebrate Thanksgiving like anybody else,” said Cruz.

In addition, Maleni looks to release her own collection of merch, targeting the female audience at the top of 2019.

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