While teaching a class at Harvard University about his creative process in “Master Class on Creativity,”  Travis Scott showed he elated to be there, even perhaps, tickled crimson. Scott stated, “Yeah, actually I’m so excited to be here, I actually want to go to school here one day.” Of course, the group in the auditorium quickly turned into the first 20 rows of an ASTROWORLD concert in response.

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I mean Travis Scott must be some kind of musical genius right? He has the number one album and the number one song in the country as this article being typed, so he must be pretty smart right? Harvard University, which is often regarded as the most prestigious university in the collegiate realm seems pretty difficult to be in, but if they ask you to come to lead a class, I feel like you might have an in.

Travis tweeted shortly after that he is in-fact sending in his application in just a couple of days. Do you think that if any A-List celebrity wanted to go to Harvard they could, just off their celebrity alone? Like are they going to check Jacques Berman Webster II (Scott’s government name) transcripts from High School and his few semesters from the University of Texas before he dropped out and became La Flame?  Either way, when you’re number one and your life partner’s Kylie Jenner, you’re taking no L’s even if he doesn’t get admitted.