Let’s be honest, Alicia Keys is one of the greater talents of the 2000’s. She can sing, play piano like Stevie Wonder and she’s just flat-out beautiful. We all have been in love with her as an artist since she was “Falling” but today on possibly the greatest rapper of all-time’s birthday, she’s “Feelin'” instead.

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Check out her rendition of Jay-Z’s “Feelin’ It” from Hov’s debut classic Reasonable Doubt below. She states that this record was “swaggy,” and that the real ones know and can relate. And she definitely knows what’s up, Alicia does the record all the justice, switching up the hook just a little bit to add her own sauce.

Originally sung by Mecca,  the track was created by producer “Ski Beatz” actually made “Feelin’ it” for Camp-Lo originally for Uptown Saturday Night but Jay would grab wind of it and make it an instant classic. How do you feel about Alicia’s cover? Watch it here and let us know.



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“Feel the high that you get from the Lye” ? @aliciakeys a beast! #Mood

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