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Respectfully one of the most influential groups throughout Hip-Hop history, the Diplomats affectionately known as Dipset, are on the verge of making a noisy comeback and the collective’s distinguished members are taking up the surface big time. The group recently sat down with Billboard to discuss the Diplomats’ official comeback and amid the dialogue described a comical airport encounter with actor Laurence Fishburne which involves a couple of ‘eff yous,” making the story a certified Dipset tale.

“We see him in the airport. My first album’s not out or nothing; we’re just on a promo tour for my first album,” said Cam’ron. ‘Jim is like, “There go Laurence Fishburne!’ Jim had done a couple scenes on New York Undercover and shit, so Jim had seen him somewhere else like Toys R’ Us or some shit—and he was like, ‘If you call him Larry Fishburne, he loses his mind!’ Like we’re just sitting there chilling in the airport waiting for our flight and Jim tells us this.”

According to Jones, he had previously witnessed The Matrix actor go ballistic on someone who called him Larry inside of a Toys R Us on a Christmas day. During this encounter, it was their close buddy Fat Shawn, who Cam’ron notes passed away just two months ago, that turned it up on Fishburne by calling him by his disfavored moniker.


“He’s like, ‘I said, ‘Hello, Larry!’ But you gotta realize…we’re not no celebrities! We’re just some guys trying to get a record out, so we’re like, “Oh shit! Fucking Laurence Fishburne!’,” Cam’ron recalled. ‘So we’re just in awe that’s Larry! So listen though, he comes back and sits down with us! Like, ‘Yo, why you keep calling me Larry?’ And n—-s is like what! And this n—a Shawn is like, ‘our mother named you Larry, I’m calling you Larry!’ N—a pulls out his I.D. like, ‘What does this say?!’ We’re like, ‘Get ‘em, Larry! Get ‘em!”

After trying to convince Fishburne of their brewing prominence in entertainment with Jim Jones’ New York Undercover gig and the coming drop of Cam’ron’s solo debut, the “Dipset Anthem” spitters got fed up after he rejected their efforts and sent the legendary actor into the fields of forget-yous.

“And Jim is like, ‘Yo, we’re trying to get on! We got the album coming out! I’m on New York Undercover!’ He’s like, ‘I’m not helping y’all!’ We’re like, ‘Yo Laurence, don’t pay that nigga no mind! That n—a’s stupid, man!’ He’s like, ‘I need to know what’s going on with y’all.’ I’m like, ‘Yo, fuck him! My man on New York Undercover, I got the album…’ He like, ‘Look man, I’m not helping y’all!’ So then it got to the point where I’m like, ‘Yo you know what? Fuck you, my n—a!’

Surprisingly for the Diplomats, the School Daze actor ended up becoming a fan of the Harlem spitters weathered raps years after their pre-famed encounter. Cam’ron views the moment as a lesson about memory, ultimately highlighting the power behind organically memorable moments.

“What’s crazy is, he probably just thought we were some ignorant n—-s who don’t know who we is. Because let’s say about 4-5 years later, my friend James is driving my pink Range Rover and Laurence Fishburne pulls up next to him and he’s like, “Hey, is that Cam’ron’s car?” He’s like, “Yeah, yeah!” He’s like, “Yo, tell him I’m a big fan! I fuck with him!” So James called me and he’s like, “Yo, Laurence Fishburne just pulled up to the car and said he loves your shit!” And I’m like, “See he don’t even know that that was us!”

Now the class act Harlem rap group is preparing for their official comeback album Diplomatic Immunity 3, which will reportedly come with a visual project between a documentary and biopic. The uncertainty is based on Dipset’s lengthy 21-year history and the desire to tell the tale in its full context. According to Cam, they are seeking the most financially wise direction to take the story of the Diplomats, but overall want the tale to make a similar and bigger impact than that of BET’s “The New Edition Story”. Well, on a bigger scale, profiling the story of Harlem’s most influential rap group will help raise awareness towards the importance of knowing hip-hop history.