Today (Dec 7) is the official kickoff of Innersect — the Shanghai convention that mixes art, fashion and Hip-Hop for China’s booming streetwear community — and best believe the weekend-long event will see tons of exclusive drops. One in particular happens to be this new collaboration by way of Bodega and Reebok.

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The footwear & apparel collaboration is a set of gear dedicated to the evergrowing influence of ’90s sportswear, with reworked iterations of the Daytona DMX, Aztrek and Run.R 96 silhouettes featured as key standouts. For the apparel offering, a tracksuit, fleece pullover, long-sleeve shirt, T-shirt and socks are included in matching colorways and graphic patterns. Neon green, vibrant orange and gradient shades of hot pink blend together perfectly against the black and grey base, making for a cool mix that we already know our fam in Asia will find a way to rock with perfect execution. Stay fly for the rest of us over here watching from afar!

While the Bodega x Reebok “Shanghai” Pack launches exclusively today at the Innersect convention, we can expect a wider release stateside and other places in the near future. Check out the full lookbook below: