Cuban Doll says to leave her out of this.

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On Wednesday the world received shocking news that Cardi B and Offset were splitting for good. The “Money” femcee seemed fed up with Offset’s constant infidelity, but said they are ending on good terms. After a series of text messages between Cuban Doll, her former friend Mmmforeign and Offset surfaced on Instagram, it apparently was the last straw for Bardi.


Despite the evidence in the screenshots, Cuban Doll, one of Cardi B’s biggest fans, claims to have nothing to do with the situation. She wants everyone to leave her out of it. In a series of tweets, she explained how she really feels.

“I have learned my lesson,” she says. “I promise I will never put my energy into these fake friends every again.” She continues to go on to say Mmmforeign tried to destroy her with the text messages that surfaces.

Cuban finally ends by hilariously trolling Offset and his grammar by saying, “I never went to new or leave.” At the end of the day, she does not want to be associated with ruining Cardi B and Offset’s marriage.


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