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CNN reporter Don Lemon was forced to evacuate his show, CNN Tonight, along with everyone else in the building due to a bomb threat. The dangerous threat came Thursday night when a caller specified that there were five explosive devices in the Time Warner building. Lemon tweeted out, “We were evacuated in the middle of my live show. Bomb threat. We’re running taped programming. NYPD is investigating. Stay tuned.”

The network quickly went to a taped segment with Anderson Cooper for close to 30 minutes before broadcasting live from the street while police examined the scene. Lemon picked up his show from outside of the building and observed, “We were told to evacuate the building and to do it as soon as possible. We grabbed what we could and got out of the building and now, we are standing outside of the building,”

Personnel from police officers, firefighters, and the bomb squads filled the streets as they investigated where the threats could be.

According to reporting by CNN, “The NYPD has now given us the all clear, and employees have been permitted to return to the building,” CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker said in an internal memo to staff. “The building is secure and safe for everyone to return in the morning. We appreciate the swift action by the local authorities, and the patience and professionalism of all the employees who were impacted.”