XXXTentacion’s family are now wrapped up in a legal battle months after his passing.

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The Daily Beast reports that the rapper’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, filed a defamation, libel, and slander lawsuit against his half-sister, Ariana Onfroy. Bernard is requesting $15,000 in damages after Onfroy participated in an interview and suggested that her brother’s murder was an inside job, as per the complaint.

“They’re going to keep my nephew away from me,” Onfroy said during an interview with The Sun. “My unborn nephew, they’re going to continue to keep that legacy going, that hatred, that evil, that dysfunction, that chaos, that anger.”


Onfroy also alleges that Bernard banned her from visiting XXXTentacion’s gravesite, although it’s open to the public. There’s no mention of that in the lawsuit, however, it does mention that Onfroy’s commentary “negligently and disgracefully convey to the readership that [Bernard] was at least partly responsible for the killing of her son.”

“It is with such sadness and remorse that the tragic end of [Bernard’s] son’s life had to be muddied with the disgraceful and hatred [sic] words of his sister towards his own mother,” Bernard’s lawyers Aaron Behar wrote in the legal document. “Given [Onfroy’s] horrific and emotionally disturbing accusations made purely out of spite, Plaintiff cannot simply ignore the damage the comments have caused not only to her reputation, but also to her financial and business endeavors as well.”