‘Tis the season!

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Ok, so if you’re not tired of hearing that line already, chances are you’re definitely in the holiday spirit. We are too here at The Source headquarters in NYC, and with just a few weeks left in 2018 we already know y’all will be hopping from one holiday party to the next until the ball drops. As we all know though, out of all those seasonal shindigs none are more frequent than the traditional ugly sweater party.

While it’s common to find the most loud, off-putting, gaudy and downright beastly-looking knit sweater you can find for cheap, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a little swag into the mix either. We came across 10 cool sweaters that feature tongue-in-cheek references to Hip-Hop, gaming and pop culture alike, and we’re sure one of these will make your next outing that much better on the style front.


Keep scrolling to see where you can cop 10 seriously amazing ugly sweaters to stay toasty in during the holiday 2018 party season:

Wool Symbols Jacquard Cardigan – $1,500 USD

It’ll cost you a pretty penny, but at least you’ll look pretty fresh, right?
Available at: Gucci

Golden State Warriors Light Up Bluetooth Sweater – $89.99 USD

Sports fan? This the one for you — plus you can play songs off your sweater, so you’ll be bringing the party wherever you go!
Available at: NBA

Wu-Tang Clan “Killer Bees” Ugly Christmas Sweater – $59.99 USD

Wu season is all year long, but the holiday season is the ultimate time to bring the bees out. BONG BONG!
Available at: Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ripple Junction WWE x Mache Ric Flair Ugly Christmas Sweater – $60 USD

What better reason to have an excuse to say “WOOO!” all night — you don’t even have to blame it on the alcohol!
Available at: POP by Foot Locker

“You’re Santa’s Favorite Ho – I Love It” Kanye West Ugly Christmas Sweater Unisex Sweatshirt – $22.99 USD

For a night filled with “We see what you did there!” comments. Or, if you plan on defending “Kanye in 2018” all night.
Available at: Freedom Tees USA

Beyoncé “Noels” Carter Crewneck Sweatshirt – $55 USD

Because…well, Beyoncé!
Available at: shop.Beyonce.com

Boohoo Santa and Elf Two-Person Holiday Sweater – $44 USD

If you plan on being linked by the hip all night with your significant other, make it official with this two-person sweater. Just make sure your drinking hand is free.
Available at: ASOS

Budweiser Clydesdale Christmas Sweater – $34.99 USD

You’re bound to have a few of these in the midst of all the holiday cheer overload. Drink responsibly, friends.
Available at: Kohl’s

Classic Sonic Christmas Jumper / Ugly Sweater – $44.99 USD

Gamers will love this one, and even ’90s heads will get a kick out of it too. Retro Sonic steez, FTW!
Available at: Geek Store

Notorious B.I.G. Wonder Why Christmas Missed Us Crewneck Sweatshirt – $19.99

A classic. We’ll always love Big Poppa…
Available at: Etsy

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