The death of hip-hop icon Jam Master Jay is still a mystery today. The founding member of the legendary rap group Run-DMC was killed 16 years ago. Just like the unsolved murders of 2Pac and The Notorious BIG, Jay’s murder has left a dark cloud over hip-hop.

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A new documentary on Netflix, Remastered: Who Killed Jam Master Jay, premiered on December 7th. Narrated by Hip-Hop journalist and documentarian Rahman Dukes, the documentary examines the life, death, and all the question that are still unanswered around the investigation of Jason Mizel. The documentary is a part of a new series from Netflix that will chronicle a number of prominent events focusing on some of the most iconic personalities in the music industry. Each episode will feature a story from another artist.

Aside from co-founding Run-DMC, one of the most influential acts in the history of music, Jay also established Jam Master Jay Records as he became a music executive. Through this label venture, Jay discovered fellow Queens artists Onyx and 50 Cent.


Giving commentary on the Netflix documentary is DMC, Russell Simmons, and Jay’s family and friends.

You can view the trailer below: